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I am a keen photographer, both on holidays and around town. I have found Caption Pro a great tool for keeping precious notes with each photo.  For my holiday photos they make a ready holiday diary. At the same time, being able to select individual captioned photos allows me to easily create a personalised collection to copy or email to family and friends.

I have also used Caption Pro to add captions to family history photos, and value the feature that the caption does not overwrite the photo and that it can be easily edited.

Jane of  O’Connor, ACT, Australia.

This is a program that is specifically designed to add text into a caption area below the photo. It's very simple to use and does the job quite nicely. It's commercial software but has a free trial period so that you can test it out. There is also a web version allowing you to caption photos that you upload.

All About Digital Photos - Visible Captioning, Canada