Disposal Authority Access

Disposal Authorities can be very long  and complex documents with many different descriptive terms  and classes. Staff using it may only require a few of the many classes but finding these classes in documents which may be hundreds of pages long may prove a daunting task.  Also, providing access for many staff to an authorised authority, which may only exist as a PDF document may be difficult. The AKDV web application provides access to a central disposal authority as a database via the Web. This provides a hierarchical view  of functions, activities (and classes where used)  and allows addition of customisable fields so that specific information can be added to any entry.

AKDV is pre-loaded with Australian Federal Government Disposal Authorities (AFDA and AFDA Express) but others can be loaded as required. Click on AKDV button to test AKDV on one of the AFDA functions.

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