Alleka Consulting

Document Mapping
If you need access to important documents or emails on an unfamiliar computer (PC or Mac) or iPhone, perhaps after a bereavement, Aleka Consulting can offer the following services:
Password Reset
Don’t have the password to the computer? No problem – Aleka can reset it for you.
Document Scan
Aleka can scan your computer (and any storage devices) for electronic documents created by Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and documents in PDF format and produce a listing or spreadsheet of document names, the folder where they are stored, when they were last modified, the first part of any text extracted from them, and what the text seems to be about.
Email Scan
Email has become a critical part of home computer use. It is widely used for correspondence, receiving renewal reminders and receipts for payments. Aleka can create a listing or spreadsheet of all emails sent and received from emails accessed via Microsoft Outlook or using a browser from Gmail, with the subject, sender, recipient(s), date and the first part of any body text in the messages.
Image Scan
Domestic computers are frequently used to store images from digital cameras and smart phones. Aleka can give you a list or spreadsheet of digital camera image files (.jpg format) and the folders containing them.
Mobile Phones
Aleka can retrieve photos from  iPhone backups on computers.


Need to share old slides or photographs? Aleka has modern scanning equipment and software which can make the scans look better than the originals.